About Us

We’re an East Coast USA based snack and spice company, inspired by our Lebanese grandmother, Marie Koury. Marie is very much a matriarch who gathers the crowds with her cooking. 
To this very day, her granddaughter and Home Spice founder, Lizzy Koury continues to learn from her. Lizzy didn’t realize how good she had it until she left home for college. There were no longer stacks of za’atar manoushe in the pantry or fresh made labneh in the fridge and certainly nowhere in town to get these items. Hence the Home Spice was born.
Home Spice isn’t just any za’atar blend, we use no fillers, no cracked wheat and no preservatives. Just herbs, salt, sumac and sesame. It's tart, savory, full of antioxidants, and will be your new pantry staple.
Let us know how you use it @thehomespice


Marie Koury making Sfeeha (Lebanese meat pies).

Lauren & Lizzy Koury making Warak Enab (stuffed grape leaves) ~2002.

Lizzy Koury with a giant batch of freshly mixed za'atar.

Home Spice za'atar manoushe.